Why Chickens Make Noise in The Morning (5 Known Reasons)

Scientifically, chicken can make up to 24 distinct sounds and calls. But what concerns us the most is the reasons why chickens make noise in the morning and what these sounds mean.

Unfortunately, the loudest a chicken can coop will be in the morning and you and your neighbors will be annoyed. So why do chickens make noise in the morning?

Why Chickens Make Noise in The Morning

Why Chickens Make Noise in The Morning?

The following could be the possible reasons:

1. A Type of Good Morning

Chicken makes the most noise in the dawn which is usually a type of good morning to each other.

If you notice that your chicken is making the most noise in the morning, they are probably wishing each other good morning and are definitely excited to see the morning.

2. A Warning

Immediately after a hen has laid the eggs, there are chances that she just needs you to stay away from her.

The fact is that most chickens lay their eggs in the morning and usually wait for the eggs to hatch or she’s preparing for hatching.

3. Communication

Chicken have their own language with the chicks and other chickens in the same place. They can communicate to a chick alerting it to return to the mother.

They can also communicate danger. It’s directly to inform the chicks about the language and the sound that their mother makes which can come in handy in the future.

4. Predator Call and Brooding Growl

There’s a likelihood that there’s a predator nearby. In this case, the chicken will make some noises to alert other chickens and at the same time to confirm that there’s a threat.

It’s also important to note that chickens can feel threatened when other chickens are near them.

5. Food Calling or Mating

The chicken will make some sort of noises when parenting as they call their chicks for food. They might make the same sounds when they are mating or when they want to mate.

The Bottom Line!

I hope after reading this article you have got the answer to the question of why chickens make noise in the morning.

If you think that there could be any other reason that I have missed, then feel free to share with me in the comments.

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