What to Do With Chicken Poop? (7 Best Possible Options)

In this article, you will read about what to do with chicken poop, the best possible options one can think of.

So, let’s start with the question!

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What to Do With Chicken Poop?

1. Manure for Your Home Garden

If you have a home garden where you grow different fruits and vegetables then guess what, you do not have to buy fertilizers.

You can easily use your chicken poop as a fertilizer, and grow fruits and vegetables in a more productive way.

2. Natural Fertilizer

In the book “A kids guide to chicken rearing” the author describes several ways of rearing chickens for the purpose of turning their waste into fertilizer for your vegetable garden:

The first one is to grow chickens in a greenhouse to produce manure tea, which can be diluted and used as fertilizer for your garden.

The second is to make a pair of dividers from wooden boards, place them in the run and allow the chickens access only to one half at a time.

With this method, you can use their manure as fertilizer for your garden, then empty it from the other side, leaving room for fresh grass and another crop of chicken manure!

3. Dilute Chicken Poop

Another creative way of getting rid of the chicken manure is to flush it with a hosepipe and eventually wash the nitrogen away. 

This is a good method in the case of chicken manure that has been composted, but if this is your first time using chicken poop in your garden then you should consider diluting it with potting soil.

Mixing it in will make it easier for the plants to get the nutrients and break down the fibers.

4. Chicken Manure Compost

The best use of your chicken poop is to make compost, which can be used on its own or mixed with other compost.

After removing the grass and any weeds, you can mix up your compost heap using fresh hay or dry grass (a good way to get rid of an old straw), manure from horses, rabbits, sheep or cows, chicken manure, and garden or kitchen waste.

5. Dump in the Garden and Use the Poop Mulch Next Season

Some gardeners add a little urea when they make the compost heap to speed up the process.

Chicken manure can also be used as mulch in your vegetable garden or flower beds, but it is advisable to mix it with other compost and/or soil unless you want to risk harming your plants with too much nitrogen.

6. Sell Chicken Manure

You probably have neighbors with yard gardens but don’t have chicken that can give them manure, try considering selling this to them.

It’s a perfect method of making money while recycling the old chicken poop. 

7. Burn Dirty Coop Litter

Last but not least, you can also burn your chicken poop to produce heat and end up with ash that can be used as a fertilizer or soil additive. 

Just make sure the fire is out and cool before you try to use it in any way when all of the ashes have settled.

Final Words!

I hope after reading this article your question about what to do with chicken poop has been fully answered. Above I have tried to mention all the possible options that one can have with chicken manure.

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