How to Save a Drowning Chicken? (6 Best and Simple Ways)

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Here I will share with you some of the most effective ways on how to save a drowning chicken from my own experience. So, stick to the article!

Why Do Chickens Drown?

Chickens can drown quite easily and should be extra careful especially when there is a fish pond in the backyard or a swimming pool.

The reason is that the under feathers of a chicken is super soft near the skin and once the water soaks into them, the chicken starts to sink.

This is because once wet, the feathers weigh much more than they do when dry.  The added weight is what may cause a chicken to drown.

how to save a drowning chicken

How to Save a Drowning Chicken?

Here are a few tips that you can implement:

1. Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation

It is possible to save a downing chicken through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation procedures.

A retired nurse saved her brother’s chicken through this method after the chicken was found floating face down in the pond.

You can easily breathe into its beak but make sure not to use a lot of pressure when breathing in its mouth.

2. Saving a Drowning Chicken Tips

If you notice that your chicken got into the water and it’s drowning, the first thing to do would be to save it.

Once the chicken is out of the water, try as much as possible to dry her off and keep her warm. Your chicken might chill if left wet and cold. Also, allow it plenty of time to rest.

3. Eliminate all Hazards

That being said, the best solution would be to prevent your chicken from getting into any water around the house.

Look around your yard and get rid of anything that might hold water including wheelbarrows, buckets, pans, tires, old planters, and so on.

Chickens are curious and would go digging around only to find themselves in trouble. If there is a fish pond or any other water body in your yard, ensure it’s fenced to keep the chicken out.

4. Don’t Leave The Chicken Unattended

Don’t leave your chicken unattended in a swimming pool or pond. If you want to put your chicken in water for a swim, there should be supervision. In case something goes wrong, you can promptly save your feathered friend.

Remember a chicken might be able to stand in the rain and not get entirely soaked, but when submerged, the water eventually soaks through and starts to weigh them down.

5. Use Small Waterer Designed for Chicks

Another effective way of preventing cases of drowning is to use a specified waterer that is designed for baby chicks. They should be too small and shallow for chicks.

6. Set The Waterer on a Secure Surface

You should set the waterer high enough so that the chick can easily drink from it but it cannot fall inside. You also have to make sure the waterer is secured on the surface.

Final Words!

Hopefully, you enjoyed the tips on how to save a drowning chicken. If there is anything in your mind which I missed, feel free to share through comments and I will be glad to add it to my list.

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