What Human Food Can my Chickens Eat? All You Need to Know

What human food can my chickens eat? This is a question that new chicken keepers are often curious about. If you are looking for a straightforward answer then here it is: No, chickens cannot eat all human food but there are certain foods that they can definitely eat e.g watermelon, pumpkin, green beans, etc. What … Read more

Frizzle Showgirl Chicken: Everything You Need to Know

The frizzle showgirl chicken is a breed of chicken that is known for its unique appearance. These chickens have feathers that are curly and wispy, and they often have brightly-colored markings on their feathers. Frizzle showgirl chickens are considered to be ornamental chickens, meaning that they are bred primarily for their appearance rather than for … Read more

Can I Put Bleach in Chicken Water? Things You Should Know

Chicken is tough enough on its own without the extra stress of being contaminated with chlorine or chloramine, which can cause an array of health issues in chickens. Chlorine or chloramine can be left in the water after treating with bleach, and this is harmful to your chicken. Can I Put Bleach in Chicken Water? … Read more

Is Copper Toxic to Chickens? All That You Need to Know

Copper is a toxic metal that can be lethal to chickens and other fowl. It’s important for every chicken owner to know the symptoms of copper toxicity and how it affects your flock, so you can avoid poisoning your chickens with this deadly substance. Is Copper Toxic to Chickens? Yes, copper is toxic to chickens … Read more

Does Aspirin Kill Chickens? Everything You Need to Know

Being a chicken owner you might be asking yourself a question; does aspirin kill chickens? Well, this is what you get to know in this article. If you are looking for a short answer, here it is: No, it does not kill the chickens at the recommended dose. It’s safe to give baby chicks, mature … Read more

What Does Copper Sulfate Do for Chickens?

I am sure after reading this article you will get the answer to your question; what does copper sulfate do for chickens? Here is the short answer in case you are just looking for it: When chickens are ill, you may use copper sulfate to help them. It can be effective in fighting off infections, … Read more

What to Do With Chicken Poop? (7 Best Possible Options)

What to do with chicken poop

In this article, you will read about what to do with chicken poop, the best possible options one can think of. So, let’s start with the question! You May Want to Read: Chicken Names What to Do With Chicken Poop? 1. Manure for Your Home Garden If you have a home garden where you grow … Read more

Why Chickens Kill Each Other? (4 Possible Known Reasons)

Why Chickens Kill Each Other

You have probably had your chicken for weeks or months but you haven’t come across all the horror of chickens killing each other. If you have, then you have probably wondered why chickens kill each other. Well, in this article I am going to tell you some possible reasons why chickens kill each other. Read: … Read more

Why Chickens Make Noise in The Morning (5 Known Reasons)

Why Chickens Make Noise in The Morning

Scientifically, chicken can make up to 24 distinct sounds and calls. But what concerns us the most is the reasons why chickens make noise in the morning and what these sounds mean. Unfortunately, the loudest a chicken can coop will be in the morning and you and your neighbors will be annoyed. So why do … Read more

How to Save a Drowning Chicken? (6 Best and Simple Ways)

how to save a drowning chicken

If you found this article by searching how to save a drowning chicken or similar keyphrase then you are landed in a perfect place. Here I will share with you some of the most effective ways on how to save a drowning chicken from my own experience. So, stick to the article! Why Do Chickens … Read more